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1. To develop effective patterns potentially used to produce the students desire by society and nation who have both knowledge and capability of management based on the integrated learning and arts in terms of culture, society, science, and technology, with an emphasis on moral and ethical fostering

2. To develop the potential for the implementation of the primary academic missions of the University, in particular the learning, research, academic services, as well as cultural preservation; importance is also paid to the knowledge integration of all programs provided by the University to obtain a new body of knowledge beneficial for the development of the economy, society, quality of life, and environmental quality


3. To appropriately apply the body of knowledge and fundamental science gained from the University, including local wisdom, for the benefits and strength of communities and local organizations, especially the Sub-district Administrative Organization and local businesses, i.e. small-sized and the medium-sized business that have originated from a variety of local products


4. To extend educational opportunities to the local communities enhancing the cooperation with local educational institutes on developing the formal, non-formal, informal, and continuing educational  curriculum; and


5. To increase the roles of the University in providing knowledge related to business and management in terms of consumer protection, conservation of environmental quality, economic and social development, and development of local information systems to be applied as the foundation of local entrepreneurship and facilitation for effective building utilization




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